Charles Rosier - London Uk, Partner at btg pactual at Btg pactual

Charles Rosier - London Uk, Partner at btg pactual at Btg pactual

Charles Rosier's Projects that Enhance Awareness about the Environment

Innoveox is a French company working with the objective of establishing a friendly and pollution-free environment... with Charles Rosier ( being its partner. MPOWERD created economical LED lanterns for poor countries to permit them to get efficient energy solutions in a cost-effective way. Charles Rosier has played a significant role in promoting environmental consciousness and has helped poor countries in developing energy and power sectors.

Charles Rosier finally joined BTG Pactual in August 2010. BTG Pactual, an exceptional investment bank in Latin America, is a company at which he became a partner. Charles Rosier was responsible for the French-speaking markets of France, Belgium, as well as Quebec at UBS Warburg. He has been a fantastic investment banker for 15 years.

Educational Achievements of Charles Rosier

Charles Rosier took two years of additional classes in preparation for attaining further French certifications. He was awarded his first scientific Baccalaureate degree (equivalent to A-levels in the UK). Charles Rosier join UBS Warburg Investment Bank right after being a part of Lehman Brothers in 1996.

He worked in the role of partner at BTG Pactual, a bank in Latin America, noted for having 2,500 employees all around the country and gaining 30 years of experience in the international market. From 1997 to 2009, Charles Rosier filled the role of Debt Capital Manager of SBC Warburg. He also became an investment banker at Lehman Brothers, which marked the launching of his ideal career. Charles Rosier was a partner at a Latin American investment bank named BTG Pactual. GMS (Goldman Sachs) is a top investment bank that operates around the globe. Being employed as their Managing Director, he focused on keeping public assets appropriately managed.

Charles Rosier’s Life Story

His passions include extreme sports, environmental activities, culture and studies. He didn’t settle for just one job but took other positions in the industry while an investment banker. In 1991, Charles Rosier achieved his scientific degree at Fenelon Sainte-Marie.

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